The Wonders Of Molecular Hydrogen

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the lightest element of the Periodic Table, and exists naturally in the form of a colourless, tasteless and odourless gas. Hydrogen water can be produced by dissolving the gas into potable (safe to drink) water. Hydrogen has long been viewed as an inert molecule with very little to offer to our metabolic demands. However, recent scientific evidence has indicated that hydrogen, in both liquid and gaseous forms, can be substantially beneficial to the human body on multiple fronts.

Added Constituents of Hydrogen Water

Similar to ordinary water, hydrogen water does not contain any calories. However, some manufacturers add small amounts of helpful micronutrients, including:

  1. Vitamins, such as vitamin A and C.

  2. Minerals, such as sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Hydrogen Gas/Water As An Antioxidant

Our cellular environment produces a variety of oxidizing molecules which act as strong inflammatory substances, and can wreak havoc our physiology. Hydrogen has been recognized as a potent anti-oxidant which neutralizes such toxins before they can bring harm to the cellular processes. Moreover, it has been suggested that hydrogen activates various enzymes which, in turn, can effectively deactivate these noxious molecules.

Major Functions of Hydrogen Water in Body Systems

Resistance Against Exercise Fatigue:

Hydrogen water has been found to be exceedingly beneficial in terms of boosting exercise tolerance among athletes. A study involving 99 individuals demonstrated that hydrogen-rich water consumption prior to exercise resulted in markedly improved exercise stamina, while simultaneously lowering exercise-induced lactic acid build up and muscle fatigue.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

Being an anti-inflammatory agent, hydrogen has powerful benefits for the heart and blood vessels. Mice studies have shown that utilizing hydrogen water prevents the formation of clots in major arteries of the body. In addition, hydrogen has been associated with curtailing the degenerative changes in oxygen-deprived heart muscles following a heart attack.

Antibacterial Activity:

Some evidence also indicates possible antibiotic effects of hydrogen water. Researchers have proven that rinsing your mouth with hydrogen water can prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria in your oral cavity. This can not only minimize the risk of dental plaque but also the occurrence of potentially fatal conditions such as infective endocarditis.

Neurological Benefits:

Hydrogenated water has also been deemed useful in maintaining the integrity of neuronal growth and prevention of dementia.

Osmio Water

Considering the incredible healing effects of hydrogen, it is safe to say that the regular consumption of hydrogen water and gas can be extremely beneficial for your health.

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