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Chiropractic Part 1 - Implementation For Athletes

Chiropractic is a field of alternative medicine that is centered around alleviating musculoskeletal pain. It has recently gained tremendous popularity in the sporting world. This can broadly be attributed to the noninvasive approach used by chiropractic specialists when handling mechanical injuries. Athletes are predisposed to a drastically high risk of developing career-threatening injuries. Therefore, chiropractic experts can potentially enhance an athlete’s on-field performance by easing pain and improving movement, as well as preventing any possible injuries.

The following are a few examples of the most commonly occurring sports injuries:

Strains or Sprains

Ankle and wrist joints are prone to sprains where an athlete can have their ligaments overstretched or even torn altogether. A strain is said to occur when a muscle belly or its associated tendon is overstretched or ripped. These conditions can be extremely painful and are often accompanied by regional swelling or muscular spasms.

Joint Dislocation

Dislocations are said to occur when the two bones constituting a joint become separated. These injuries are usually incurred during contact sports such as football or wrestling etc. They are also associated with localized pain, swelling, and sometimes, nerve injuries.


Athletes can encounter a variety of fractures during sporting activities. The long limb bones are the most common ones to be fractured. Open fractures which cause skin breaks and soft tissue inflammation must be treated as an emergency case.

How can a Chiropractor help you?

Although chiropractors have long been considered as specialists only for treating chronic backache, this rhetoric is now changing, as a number of chiropractors are being affiliated with professional athletic teams across the world. Chiropractors are quite capable of assessing and diagnosing a plethora of sports injuries and offering emergency first aid.

Chiropractors are experts in handling the mechanical stability of the spine and peripheral joints (ankles, wrists, etc), and therefore, contribute towards restoring the performance and function of the neuromuscular system. Chiropractors generally undergo 8 years of higher education before becoming certified. They often graduate with a pre-med major, not before taking courses in sciences, such as biology, chemistry, psychology, and physics. Chiropractors often receive additional training and certification in a wide variety of specialties, including nutrition, sports medicine, and rehabilitation.

If you are NOT interested in trying DIY chiropractic, try Movement For Modern Life. It can help you stretch and move your muscles in a way that will aid your joint recovery, without having to mess with joint structure/position... and it's designed for busy lives. Note, however, that it may not be as helpful for serious injuries. We recommend consulting with a chiropractic professional, and a physician before trying any serious joint adjustments, for serious injuries.

Editor's note:

I started skateboarding when I was 10, but took a break at 16. Starting up again at 20, I’ve had to adjust my style, and learn about my body to prevent permanent injuries. Specifically, I sprained my ankle a handful of times within a month, and my ankle has been noticeably compromised ever since. However, by using many of the lower-body-oriented Movement For Modern Life methods, and studying content like the video above, I’ve been able to minimize the damage. I have since rolled my ankle a number of times, but due to consistent, light chiropractic and stretching movements, I’ve been able to continue skating with no pain or discomfort within a day or two of twisting. I found these methods a handful of months ago, and they have already done wonders for my ankle and general physical recovery.

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