Can Fasting Improve Your Sleep?


Fasting is a centuries-old practice with strong theological and cultural roots. A number of religions including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism preach about fasting and its potential benefits. Intermittent fasting has long been considered crucial for optimal health.

One of the widely held beliefs regarding deliberate fasting is that it can improve your sleeping patterns. Here’s what the newest science says regarding fasting and its impact on your sleep!

What Does The Research Say

Researchers have found that modified fasting can substantially improve the overall quality of sleep while decreasing the frequency of intermittent sleep arousals (waking up irregularly).

Experts believe that an improved sleep pattern can ultimately help an individual engage in their daytime activities more vivaciously, thereby improving their cognitive capabilities. Moreover, eating only during fixed time intervals can maintain a strict balance within your circadian rhythm, which in turn contributes to a higher quality of sleep at night.

However, several experts are of the opinion that long-term or extreme fasting can have a negative impact on your sleep, as it is not recommended to sleep “on an empty stomach”. So, the conclusion is to fast intermittently each day.

Nonetheless, the effect that moderate fasting habits can have on your sleep duration and quality are largely determined by your body’s personal physiological setup. Be mindful of your body’s requirements and you can derive the most wholesome benefits of intermittent fasting.

What Next?

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of intermittent fasting for sleep and wakefulness (the time you are awake), cognitive performance, and physical health? Check out the book below, which discusses the benefits of fasting, based upon the most cutting-edge research on the topic, in simple, digestible terms.

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